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Agriculture Attachments​

Multi Shovel

  • Comes equipped with tail hoses and quick release couplings
  • Suits all applications featuring improved bosses on the forged tines on the top grab to maximise strength
  • With improved geometry enabling it to work up to a wall and robot welded folded steel to add superior strength and rigidity throughout. Larger opening top grab with a greater clamping force allow it to handle bigger and bulkier loads
  • Reduce chance of damage with hoses clamped neatly out of the way of debris
  • Larger electro plated pivot pins, which can be greased and strategically placed wear strips to prolong life, help dissipate stress and reduce the cost of ownership
  • Improved spill guard design to protect the hitch on the machine
  • Ensures precise material handling and maximum ram protection with greater visibility of the end tines from the cab


Grain/Potato Shovel - Agriculture Attachments
Grain/Potato Shovel

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