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Sweeper Collectors​


  • Full width sweeping
  • Optional gutter brush and water sprinkler system available
  • Heavy duty option for use with planing application enables sweeping of planed trench up to 120mm below road surface
  • Quickhitch mount for rapid changeover times
  • Floating mounting frame for the sweeper to follow the contours of the ground
  • Hydraulically controlled collection hopper is operated from the cab
  • Combination steel and polypropylene brush for superior sweeping action
  • The JCB Sweeper Collector SC210 has a capacity of 270 litres and a width of 2100mm


SC150 / SC150HD - Sweeper Collectors
SC150 / SC150HD

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SC180 / SC180HD - Sweeper Collectors
SC180 / SC180HD

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SC214 - Sweeper Collectors

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SC240 - Sweeper Collectors

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