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Mini Excavator​

8025 ZTS

8025 ZTS

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Maximum Dig Depth
Maximum Dump Height
Operating Weight

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The JCB 8025 ZTS mid-sized mini excavator offers everything that a conventional tailswing does, with the added safety of ZTS zero tail swing.
The 8025 ZTS / 8025 ZTSLC has a 2806kg / 2833kg operating weight, meaning you can move it from site to site using low-cost readily-available transport methods. A powerful 1.5 litre Perkins 3-cylinder 20.9 kW engine is mounted to a stable undercarriage that’s carefully matched to the dig envelope for optimum performance and added safety. The undercarriage and dozer blade on this JCB mini digger are designed to ensure that debris doesn’t build up underneath or in front of the machine to slow you down.
A two-speed tracking motor provides a top tracking speed of 4.3kph as well as excellent tractive effort and traction. The 8025 compact excavator also has single-acting auxiliary pipework as standard; additional tie down points make it easier to strap the machine onto trailers; and rubber tracks are offered as standard.

  • Single acting auxiliary pipework as standard
  • Class-leading comfort
  • Designed with a rear weight bias for minimal counterweighting
  • Superb stability
  • Excellent serviceabilty and long service intervals

Zero tailswing mini excavator cabs are traditionally cramped workplaces. However, JCB’s range is unique in offering a spacious, comfortable operator environment.
Access is easy via a wide door, and the door itself latches back within the tailswing so you can work with it open. To make access to this JCB mini digger even easier, the left control pod hinges up and there’s no left foot pedal to get in the way.
The seating position is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and there’s an efficient heating system. You can effortlessly store the gas-strut-assisted upper front screen overhead, and the lower front screen can also be removed. Plus, the whole cab structure is isolated from the slew frame for minimum vibration.
In all, the JCB 8025 ZTS compact excavator is a comfortable favourite.

In direct response to customer demands, the JCB 8025 ZTS mini excavator boasts unrivalled service access and long 500-hour service intervals.
The positioning of our engine means that routine service items are grouped and there’s a remote service panel too. We were also the first compact excavator manufacturer to introduce a tiltable cab on this machine class; the JCB mini digger cab tilts from the rear on gas struts
in under five minutes. That provides easy access to the slew motor, valve block, hydraulic hoses, engine and hydraulic pump.

The JCB mini excavator range is designed with comfort and ergonomics to the fore.
On the 8025 ZTS, a changeover button on the joystick lets you switch the right pedal between auxiliary service and boom offset function. In boom offset mode, you can operate the slew of the upper structure and the boom at the same time, allowing you to get this JCB mini digger into the correct position straight away. Plus this foot pedal is servo operated for low-effort, precise control.
Whether you choose the cab or canopy option for your 8025 ZTS compact excavator, you’ll find visibility is excellent. To the left, you can see the whole track. To the right and the rear, the curving bonnet bestows a clear view. We’ve also mounted the hoses on top of the boom to aid visibility still further.



Operating Weight
Max Dump Height
Max Dig Depth

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Maximum Operating Weight
4,193 lb 1,902 kg
Maximum Dump Height
9 ft 3 in 2.82 m
Maximum Dig Depth
9 ft 3 in 2.82 m

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Maximum Dig Depth
Maximum Dump Height
Operating Weight

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